Zia Mughal

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Create time: 2010-11-18 23:23:27

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webcam_vfp.rar - vfp_webcam for any webcam, no third part dll/ocx needed purely VFP class source code for web camera capturing, movie, still photos. needed vfp9 runtime files to run.
defoxiv_vfp9.rar - vfp exe protector, anti decompiling tool, worlds Best protect against cracking, decompiling of Visual FoxPro exe files, this file requires vfp9 runtime lib files on you pc to run.
Email_vfp.rar - vfp email sender complete class, no third party tools need, excellent tool for vfp inprogram use.
ReFox-MMII.rar - VFP Decompiler tool, Refox
gui_calendar.rar - VFP GUI-Calander 1.0 This is full source code for Visual Foxpro GUI Calander example for Programmer to include in their library to understand and developement. 100 Guranteed and Enjoy!!
USBserialno.rar - Usb Serialnumber detector for VFP This is complete source code for Vfp including supported dll file for demonstration of usb device serial detection and implementation.
decomp.rar - Decompile C++ exe FILES This is the source archived for decompiling source code from c++ exe files to source level cpp program files. this is very simple sample for designing of decompiler and its concept for students to develop the technology

Download log:
NetMeeting.rar - 网络视频会议重要重要功能丰富NetMeeting源代码\NetMeeting
v2065_javabaiban.rar - 电子白板的源代码,很好得
Corso7.02.34.zip - Corso 7.02.34 for decompiling VFP Apps