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ZF.zip - The use of space-division multiple access (SDMA) in the downlink of a multiuser multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communications network can provide a substantial gain in system throughput. The challenge in such multiuser systems is designing transmit vectors while considering the co-channel interference of other users. Typical optimization problems of interest include the capacity problem - maximizing the sum information
ofdm_t.zip - Employee benefits have been FBMC s only business since we were founded over 35 years ago. FBMC is the best benefits manager in our business, and we can prove it. Just ask our clients. We specialize in the large employer sector throughout the country and have a wide diversity of clients. Busines
chin.zip - A phase difference is analogous to two athletes running around a race track at the same speed and direction but starting at different positions on the track. They pass a point at different instants in time. But the time difference (phase difference) between them is a constant -
qpsknoise.zip - Phase in sinusoidal functions or in waves has two different, but closely related, meanings. One is the initial angle of a sinusoidal function at its origin and is sometimes called phase offset. Another usage is the fraction of the wave cycle which has elapsed relative to the origin.
mlreceiver.zip - The method of maximum likelihood corresponds to many well-known estimation methods in statistics. For example, one may be interested in the heights of adult female giraffes, but be unable to measure the height of every single giraffe in a population due to cost or time constraints. Assuming that the heights are normally (Gaussian) distributed with some unknown mean and variance, the mean and variance can be estimated with MLE while only knowing the heights of some sample of the overall population. MLE would accomplish this by taking the mean and variance as parameters and finding particular parametric values that make the observed results the most probable

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